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Hours of Operation:

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Products and Services

We Provide a Variety of Technical Consulting Services and Solutions designed to fit your Small-Business, Home-Office or Individual User needs. 

Our core technological competencies include, but are not limited, to the following:

Help Desk Services: 
We provide Remote or On-Site diagnostics and tr
oubleshooting for problem systems, software applications, printing failures, hardware failures, Internet and network interruptions, etc.

Desktop Workstation and Server Systems and VMware and Virtualization Clients:
Windows Operating Systems:

FULL System Administration & Support | Windows installations, updates, configurations, and administration | Hardware Services | Desktop customizations | Login automation | Policy-based login permissions | Software application installations, configurations & automation | Shared drive mapping | File and folder sharing | Print management | Web browser configurations and support | Performance analysis & system tuning | Virtualization client setup, administration & support | Remote administration and support, and much more.

Windows Server Systems:

Full Domain Administration & Support | DHCP/DNS administration | Active Directory management & support | Group Policy management & support | Shared-Storage management & support | Hardware Services | Print Server setup, management & support | Server Software installation, administration & support | Virtualization Server setup, administration & support, and much more.

Network Services

Small to Medium sized Ethernet Wired or Wi-Fi Networks ranging from simple peer-to-peer workgroups to multiple storied complex configurations with primary and secondary domain controllers attached to multiple switches, routers, backups, network printers, etc.
Setting up security groups and user accounts | Network logins, | Group based or individual permissions and policies | User and system access control | File & print sharing | Wi-Fi Network Setup and Access Control | Access Points & Coverage Extenders | Video/Audio Signal Extensions, and much more.

Disaster Recovery:

DR Planning | Data Backup & Restoration Services | Data Recovery and Migration services | Data Archiving | On-Site or Cloud-Based Data Solution Consulting.

Internet Services:
We can help with establishing internet provider services that meet your specific needs, locating domain & web hosting services for internet web presence, setting up cloud-based or localized email accounts (MS Office 365 Specialists), cloud-based or localized storage and communications systems, etc. Web hosting and domain registration 'automated billing renewals', etc. 

Software Support:

Virtually All Microsoft applications are fully supported.
Most major software products supported.

Installations, upgrades, customization, automation and problem troubleshooting.

Computer-Based or Network Device ‘Hardware Support’:

Local or NAS-based disk failures | Disk drive installs | RAID repair | Shared Storage and NAS repair | WAP replacements | Memory upgrades | New device installs | KVM management | Video upgrades | Audio upgrades | Wireless mice and keyboards, etc.

Security Support:

Anti-Virus solutions | Anti -malware solutions | Email SPAM filter solutions | Virus detection, repair and removal | Network hardware firewall configurations | VPN Access Support, etc.

System Performance Tuning:

Review RAM, swap file, cache, processes, services, temp files, registry repair, etc.
Review protocol stacks, loading applications, video, drive space, disk state, etc.
Periodic tune-up visit schedules are available.

Personalized Training:

Hands on systems and software training provided in the comfort of your own living
room*, with programs customized to meet your specific & individual requirements.

* Small classroom training available (1 month advanced scheduling required)